What could improve a blog…

This is for challenge #4 of the student blogging challenge.

What i think you could do to improve a blog is always just to add pictures. To me i think pictures express how you feel for the topic your

talking about, so if you have an interesting blog that you thought of you can always add a picture to the topic so that ANYONE knows what

your talking about. Kind of like an explanation or some sort. even if you have a chance of adding anything cool to your blog just do it and

guess what… Maybe a whole lot of people will read it and talk about you and your blog. (In general of course)

Commenting guidelines

1. My comments are so cool because a few people just give me advice on how i put things and how it is.

2. If you leave your URL i will if i have time i will always look at your blog and see how it is.

3. Its OK if you cant really read my blogs i understand that I’m not good with my English but ill get over it trust me

4. Make sure you know what your saying before you type.

5. Have fun for goodness sake you guys make me feel like my blogs are horrible.

Anime Showdown

Yo hey this is dakota saying that this is the new an first anime show down ever so what im going to tell you is what picture you like better and then you just reply the one that you like better. Thank you for commenting.Super_Saiyan_Goku.ichigo bleach

Whats the difference?

 Hi you guys this is dakota and i wanted to say…. What in the world’s the difference of Xbox 360 and PS3 ok first of all they have great games but The PS3 games are too Egh for me. Thats why im asking you what the diffrence. Also which one is better? This is a pretty good thing to compare because alot of my friends have the same systems, even some of them have both. I asked my friends and they all say “Dude i just play the games for fun im not a critic like you.” So please can you guys tell me which ones better?

If you were to visit Nevada…

This Post is for challenge # 3 of the student blogging challenge

If you were to visit Nevada you would kinda of hate it and like it… firstly let me tell you about the hot drastic heat waves that pop up around the summer. They are so hot, that i kind of feel sorry for all of the pigeons that don’t have anything to drink. It is so ridiculous, now the cool part about this is that at night when you go to the different casino’s you see very cool light shows and creative artistic things about people who can make and design paintings out of scratch. i think that some where around uhh the Venetian or the Visa its one of those its really cool because where they have the valet parking in the middle there is a small fountain that gives out a water show every 5 minutes or so. I know this because my mom,step dad, and dad work at different casino’s. My name is Dakota Suttonthe venetian

Anime shows

Hi anime fans my name is Dakota and im here to tell you what kind of anime shows and anime stuff you guys like. This is really important

because its for you guys who are reading my blog not mine. If you tell me now Thank you. If you don’t have any anime shows just tell me the

cartoons and stuff that you like, like for example i like Tom & Jerry and this show called bleach

Black panther news


Hi you guys! This is dakota i have a few words to say… i just look on the daily news for animals and your not going to like this because it involves

felines.(cats) These felines are very rare and there black panther that came in triplets. You might think that 2 black pantehrs mated, but your proved

wrong. a Florida panther and a with texas cougar creating three hybrid, which could prevent extinction.

Thank you for reading this message this is made by Dakota S.Hybrid panthers

post for Challenge #1

This post is for Challenge 1 in the September 2010 challenge\

People should visit my blog because first i have a whole lot of cool pictures that i could show you and since a lot of people

like baby animals I’m going to have those kind of things also like anime pictures!  i will read a whole lot of recent news and

will tell you that two but its going to be about animals and anime shows.